South Africa

On my latest trip with work I was lucky enough to go to Johannesburg in South Africa, this is somewhere I’ve always wanted to go but not had the chance to until now. Its just coming into their summer so we got some last minute sunshine and a few crazy storms in the evenings. They had some amazing malls in particular Sandton City which had the likes of Louis Vuitton and Dolce & Gabbana. The store I liked the most was Cotton On, which I’d heard lots about but not been to before, i’d properly describe it as a mix between Zara and H&M. 
On our day off we travelled out of the main City where there was some great views by mountains and lakes down a few dirt tracks to the Elephant Sanctuary, being so close to the Elephants feeding and walking them was something I’d have never got to do otherwise and really was amazing. We then went on to the Lion Park where you go on a mini safari around the park to see the Lions, Zebras and Leopards. Then we went on to see the Lion Cubs which were so cute, probably my favourite part of the day.






Next stop Cape Town!


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