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You will remember I recently attended the opening event for Crosseyes Nottingham, you can see the post here – Specs Appeal! Where we got a sneak preview of the latest collection coming in to the store and find out about the concept behind the brand. Well it didn’t take me long to go back to pick out a new pair of prescription sunglasses in time for the sunshine and my latest holiday.

It isn’t long since I had new glasses so I decided to go for sunglasses so I could read by the pool and drive with out squinting the whole time or ending up with the worst headache. Unlike most opticians you can only chose from a small collection and if you are like me and very picky over what shape and style sunglasses you like this can be very limiting. At crosseyes all of their frames can be chosen and made up with the tinted lenses, which can be a gradual tint full tint or even the mirrored colours.

After a full eye test which was very thorough, I was instantly put at ease by Indy the optician who explained every process and which prescription I would need and why I went on to chose from the fully stocked display with his and Molly’s help which frame I would like and then which lenses. In the past I have felt very rushed in choosing at some of the main high street opticians, this isn’t the case at all here and with great suggestions over which ones would suit the coloured lenses and your shape face it was easy to make a decision and leave knowing you were happy with the ones you had settled on.

I couldn’t be happier with the end product and service I received, I can’t recommend the brand enough and I didn’t even have to wait long for the glasses to be ready. Even if you don’t require a prescription in your sunglasses you can still go in and pick out new sunglasses which they will have made up for you if you are looking for something a little different that won’t be available to the masses.

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