Get Spring Ready With Friction Free Shaving

‘I met this blade on Monday,

Took it for a ride on Tuesday,

We were feeling smooth on Wednesday,

and on Thursday, Friday & Saturday.

I changed my blade on Sunday.’

 It is almost that time of year again when the milk bottles finally get to see the sun light, we say bye to the jeans and leggings for another year and drag out the skirts and pretty dresses that have been in hiding. This is my favourite time of year but I think we can all agree that one of the main perks of winter is that we can get away with not shaving our legs, it is a welcome break.

We have all been there though, rushing to get ready when we have that dread that we forgot to pick up new blades for our razor and knowing how important it is to change them regularly to avoid cuts and rashes from rusty old blades. Do not fear though Friction Free Shaving is your new lifesaver, the only monthly subscription you need to sign up for. Each month they send you out a fresh box with a brand new razor, shaving cream and 4 blades so you can swap them every week. Ingenious if you ask me. So this month I have been using mine to bring you this review.

The Rose gold razor sold it to me before I had even tried the product, have you ever seen a prettier one?

The different blades are really easy to swap over, but you will notice the rust I have had others that have lasted longer in the past, it does make you aware though how often you should actually be changing them rather than just risking it. The razor is heavier than I expected it to be, but robust trust me I dropped it enough times to figure this one out pretty quickly.

The million dollar question though, does it shave well and leave you with silky smooth legs, yes it does, you will properly be compelled to go round telling everyone to touch your legs because they are that smooth. I really think it is a great concept and product and the spare blades come separately in packs of two in plastic casing making it easy to take on the go as well. The shaving cream is light weight and includes coconut oil which helps keep your legs moisturised and smells nice.

I have also been using Norvell tanning mist to avoid blinding anyone with my pale legs. It is really easy to apply and you can built it up dependant on how extreme you want your tan to be. For a more natural look you can use their daily sunless moisturiser during the week and then apply the mist for that weekend glow.

From only £5.00 a month you can sign up for Friction Free Shaving here – FFS the one I have reviewed is ‘Samantha’ you can save 10% with FFS10.

For all your tanning needs check out Norvell here – Norvell Tanning.



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