A Reflection with Timex Watches


Timex Watches have just released their latest collection and I was lucky enough to receive one. I got gifted the black and gold Metropolitan 34mm design as part of their ‘Take Time’ campaign. It was a surprise as to which one I was getting and I couldn’t have been happier when I opened the box, it is very stylish yet simple so can be styled to wear at night or in the day.

As part of their campaign they have focused on the importance of time and cherishing special moments, those ones we look back on with found memories. It is about living in the moment and not taking it for granted. With their range of styles to suit any occasion Timex are with you every step of the way and ready to complete any outfit for any event.

Time is also a great healer. I have on many occasions this year been quoted this and at that moment in time you feel like you are waiting for this epiphany or clarity or for the pain to stop and it feels like forever, but looking back it really is true. The changes in your life can be small or huge and can happen in such a short space of time, when you look back and see how far you have progressed in a month or in a year it is quite eye opening and that is why I couldn’t agree more at the importance of making the most of every second but also giving yourself the chance to reflect on what has happened and how far you have come and never take this for granted. I think that one of the greatest gifts in live is time and this campaign is a great way to remind yourself and others of this, every time you look at your watch to check the time or adjust the strap, it can act as a small reminder to take note of where you are and what you are doing at that precise moment in time.

Also when it looks this nice who wouldn’t want to wear one.



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