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Part 1 – Santa Monica

I have just got back from an amazing trip – 10 days away with 2 of my best friends, so I thought I would share with you where we visited which hotels we stayed in and what we got up to on our mini adventure! First stop was LA, we flew from Heathrow with Virgin …


Lily & Rose

Another jewellery brand I have recently been lucky enough to work with is a Swedish based brand called Lily & Rose their designs are vintage-inspired crystal jewelry for all occasions. I’m like a magpie when it comes to sparkly things so I was instantly drawn to this brand when I started looking through their pieces. …


Get to know me!

So recently I have been nominated for two different awards to celebrate bloggers by other bloggers – The first one was by the lovely beauty blogger Taylor at Taylor Talks – Liebster Award Taylor Talks Blog! These are the questions she put together for her favourite bloggers: 1.Who’s your favourite musician or band? Beyonce always! One …