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I won’t lie I am sat here eating a packet of sweets whilst writing this but everyone is allowed a treat day right. I mostly exercise because I love food I am definitely a grazer who can eat constantly, so if I don’t exercise regularly I feel pretty rubbish and I still really want a six pack so it is a daily battle for me between giving in to my sweet tooth or training hard so I can be truly proud of my figure.

So for this post I have put together my top tips for staying motivated. Moving out for me has definitely helped though because there aren’t cupboards full of treats and my mum’s not always there to walk my dog for me, so even if I don’t workout I will have always walked him twice that day. I get bored of the same exercise routine so the gym isn’t always for me, I prefer to be outside running or cycling or I will follow a HIT workout at home if I want something a bit different. This year though I really want to try boxing and a spin class, what is your go to exercise?

  1. New workout clothes is a must, I don’t think anything quite tops it for me, if I have nice gym clothes to work out in that give me confidence then I am motivated to actually workout in the first place. Apricot clothing have recently launched their Life range that offers a mix and match capsule fitness collection. I was really impressed with the fit and quality of their leggings, I also chose the slouchy sweat top because I knew it would be great for running in this weather, however it has become more of any everyday piece of clothing for me because I love it that much.

2. Find yourself a workout partner, it always makes it more fun and if like me you have a competitive side it can make you push yourself further than you would normally, just make sure you make a pact that you will encourage each other to workout and not be the reason you don’t go making excuses, why it is ok to miss it tonight as you are both tired.

3. Get outside, especially now the evenings are staying lighter longer, nothing quite beats pounding the pavements listening to a motivational playlist.

4. Get into a routine with your exercise and plan ahead a big one for me is if it doesn’t fit around my hair washing days I am tempted to skip working out, so now I just get up a little earlier and go for a run in the morning if I don’t have time the night before.

5. Mix it up, find new exercises to try or workouts to follow so you can never get bored and you’ll always be pushing yourself as your body can’t get used to the same workout. It also makes it more fun, why not try a dance class or join a sports team like netball.

Girls we have got this, this is your last chance to get bikini body ready for summer!

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