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This post is brought to you in Collaboration with The Leesa Mattress, I have put together a few tips that always help me get a really good nights sleep. For the past month I have been trialling the Leesa Mattress which consists of Cooling Avena Foam, Pressure Relieving Memory Foam and Dense Core Support to achieve a comforting yet supportive sleep, see more here The Leesa Mattress. I previously had a memory foam mattress from Dreams so it had a lot to live up to already as I was pretty attached to this one. Luckily though it has and I actually like it more so there was no way they were getting it back, which is part of their ethos allowing you a 100 day trial. Also for every 10 brought they donate one to various projects and support networks, so as you sleep better you also know your purchase contributed to helping those less fortunate.

I don’t know about you but I really struggle to sleep, with an over reactive brain when it comes to bed time and the tendency to fidget until I am comfortable it’s safe to say I’m not one of the lucky ones who falls straight asleep as soon as their head hits the pillow. I have to have the room pitch black with no sound and you’ll rarely catch me dosing on the sofa and whenever I go on holiday I mostly miss my bed and a good nights sleep, can you relate?

Well I have put together some handy tips that have worked for me in the past, when I am stressing too much and just doing too much that you can’t switch off when it comes to going to sleep.

So firstly, I know you are properly sick of hearing it but screen time before bed is a killer for those who struggle to sleep and you’ll be surprised how much picking up a book to read as you get in to bed really does help even if it’s only for half an hour before you go to sleep. Doing your normal night time routine a little earlier and getting cosy in bed with a relaxing candle and a good book is my first tip.

Secondly, I have tried a few teas like this before but Pukka is definitely the most affective, don’t ask me how it works I’ve never looked in to it that much I was just grateful that it worked, try drinking a mug of Pukka Night Time Tea about an hour before you are planning on going to sleep and it just helps to relax you so you don’t end up thinking and worrying about everything under the sun as soon as you get in to bed.

Thirdly I use lavender oil on my pillow, just a few drops or you can get the spray version on the edge of your pillow so its not too strong as you get in to bed really does help too.

And lastly you want to be comfortable and the right temperature, which the Leesa Mattress helps to achieve allowing you to have a consistent undisturbed sleep and the combination of all these you are set for the best night sleep you have ever had, trust me on that one! Also a lot of people who suffer with bad backs and aches and pains really recommend it for its support, waking up a new person. I still need to have a minimum of 8 hours sleep a night though but these steps just help ensure that happens.

The mattress was delivered really quickly and in the box above, it is heavy but I managed to move it myself so don’t be put off by that and it only takes a few hours to settle once it is laid out and all the packaging removed so you can pretty much use it straight away. They sell both UK and EU measurements and memory foam pillows and a sheet and duvet set, see their whole range here – Leesa Mattress.

Leesa have also provided me with a unique discount code ‘REBECCAJAYNE’ so you can save £100 off your mattress.

Do you have any of your own tips on achieving a great night sleep, comment below if you do.



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