New In – Sudio Sweden Bluetooth Headphones

This week I can’t get enough of my new Sudio Sweden headphones.

The last few months has been a bit of an emotional rollercoaster for me with more downs than ups and I spent a lot of it running away from my feelings rather than dealing with them head on, threw distractions and annoying my friends and family with constant need for attention to fill my time rather than actually acknowledging what was happening.

I was so excited for a fresh start this year but unfortunately it hasn’t quite happened like that for me, but now I have come to the realisation that I need to deal with these issues in order to move forward and accept what has happened and better my life for myself. So this week has been a lot about reflection and spending more time on my own, but for those times when I am sick of my own thoughts I have sat and read and listened to music. It is at points in your life like this when you appreciate the smaller luxuries, whilst planning for the bigger ones.

So if you, like me need a little pick me up this week, treat yourself to these headphones. They are also available in black and you can get marble effect caps to decorate the ear pieces, they work using bluetooth so no more tangled wires to stress you out even more.

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