Blog At The Beach Event

10 things I learnt from the blog at the beach event hosted by Ice Lolly Holidays.

  1. Pinterest should become your new best friend for bringing traffic to your site, even when a post went live months or even years ago. If you register your account as a business account and link your blog it will not only help you monitor what images are being pinned from your blog but you can also see what has been popular.
  2. I really do not understand SEO, I am currently sat here googling courses or seminars as I write this post. I believe it is something worth learning I just really struggle to get my head around it all and apply it to my posts and website coding don’t even get me started on that. So if you have any helpful hints and tips please, please leave your links in the comments section below, I will forever be grateful.
  3. Hashtags on Instagram are ok and should be utilised, you can include 30 in your caption and in your first comment, ascetically though it looks better if you just use them in your first comment. It is a great way to engage with new followers if you research relevant ones to yourself and on average how many likes you get per picture.
  4. Keywords are important when writing your blog post, not only should you make sure you include them, sometimes it can be easier to write your post first and then add them in after. It is also helpful to add them at the beginning of any title to improve search opportunities.
  5. I have a new girl crush on Sabina over at GirlvsGlobe her Instagram is goals especially to me as travel and fashion are my main inspirations and she is such a genuinely nice person it’s always great to find out someone else’s journey with blogging.
  6. Organisation is key to keeping on top of your blog and posting regularly this can be achieved by using editorial calendar’s, spreadsheets to keep track of ideas and seasonally relevant posts and there are plenty of apps you can use to post at certain times if you know you’ve got a busy week coming up.
  7. Creating a theme for your Instagram and blog can help you keep true to yourself and what you want to achieve by thinking about what makes you different and what you want your posts to reflect. It will allow you to be yourself and stick to a certain topic.
  8. Adding a location to your Instagram posts can really help gain traffic as well as being active and engaging with your followers.
  9. Pinterest isn’t just a great place to get interior tips but also to inspire new post ideas by showing what your audiences is also looking at and interested in.
  10. I enjoy mulled wine and festive jumpers a little too much!







The event introduced me to 3 new people with lots of advice to share and I couldn’t recommend having a browse more –

Sabina at – Girl vs Globe

Rosalilium – Blog Here

Judith Lewis who writes over at – Technology Weekly

I am already looking forward to the next one thanks to everyone at Ice Lolly Holiday for hosting the event and to all the guest speakers for inspiring me more!




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