A Healthier February With Stronger

I don’t know about you but I didn’t bother with any New Years resolutions this year after going back in to lock down just before New Years Eve I was just trying to survive January, most days have been the same and weekends haven’t been too much to look forward to and then throw in the snow and heavy rain it wasn’t much to shout about. I am just grateful I have been able to continue to work and have that daily interaction with others. However it is time for me to stop mopping and get motivated and I am using the beginning of February as my fresh start. I definitely find it easier to stay healthy and eat better when I am working out at the gym, but with that not being a possibility I am going to start running and following work outs online, and it is true what they say new workout clothes help. So today this post I will be sharing the set I recently got gifted by Stronger a Swedish lifestyle brand who’s main goal is to inspire women to feel fit and confident and also a few other brands that are hopefully going to help kick start this healthier month.

The set I chose is called ‘Crush’ it is more of a loungewear style set, perfect for walking the dog or chilling at home.

It looks really cute, but also fits great and helps keep you warm, so if you like looking stylish when you workout this is definitely the brand for you, they have lots of different pattern sets too, I chose my regular size as well and it fit perfectly. They also kindly gave me a discount code to share too so you can save 20% off any purchase – ‘REBJAY20’ to shop the cropped hoodie the link is – https://www.strongerlabel.com/gb/cush-cropped-hoodie-black and for the leggings it is – https://www.strongerlabel.com/gb/cush-leggings they also have it in a stone shade which is really nice.

Stronger have just launched a new range too called Limitless Layers with some great versatile pieces, even using recycled materials and organic cotton for some pieces, shop the range here – https://www.strongerlabel.com/gb/limitless-layers, these are some of my favourite pieces from the collection.

I have also kindly been sent a range of products from Vita Coco, so I will definitely be adding these to my daily diet, keeping hydrated in the best possible and healthiest way, as well as cooking with the coconut oil and using it in my hair and for my skin to get that glow.

Lastly I just wanted to share with you this DNA kit that I did with Circle DNA, by taking a mouth swap they are able to pick out different aspects of your DNA, what kind of foods you may react to or be intolerant too or should limit your intake of as well as areas you can optimise to get fit and train more effectively for you. It can also pick up on personality traits and ancestry composition among other things. I found it really interesting to read and I am going to try and start implementing the recommendations regarding my diet and also being mindful whilst exercising to the areas that have been highlighted. Here are some examples of what the app tells you from your DNA swap.

You can find out more by visiting their website here – https://circledna.com/en-gb/. I hope you have found my latest post helpful and it has helped motivate and inspire you too.

Thanks Becca…X

*Items were gifted by the featured brands*

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